Our Mandate

Members of this network recognize that AI technologies are never neutral; rather, they are embedded within socio-technical frameworks and thereby bound by the limitations of their creators and the contexts within which they are deployed.

As such, we are committed to bringing the tangible effects of AI into focus so that we can better understand the underlying implications and possibilities for resistance and change. To achieve this, we commit to creating resources that spread awareness of current issues and themes that emerge from our meetings.

We will highlight alternative narratives and (re)imagined futures of AI deployment to stimulate critical thinking about the possibilities and limitations of AI.

We invite perspectives beyond the technical and entrepreneurial to emphasize the differential impacts AI has on lived experiences. One way we do this is by inverting the power structure, centering community-led forms of knowledge and experience to lead and shape our conversations. Ultimately, our goal is to create a more equitable and just society that leverages AI for the betterment of all.